Our Mission

Selling peace of mind….. Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers are commonly known as Jumbo bags, these are the most popular form of bulk commodity packaging in the market. Jumbo Bags are used for the transport and storage of all types of loose or granulated materials. Flexible containers are available in a wide variety of types and sorts and therefore are suitable for numerous applications like chemical, food, mining and fodder industries etc.

Our Expertise

A group of young & talented people, having collective experience from different fields combined to get the results.

Our Innovation

We have state-of-the-art production facilities equipped with sophisticated machines to offer customized packaging solutions.

Our Honesty

Our focus is to provide customers with high quality service including customized solutions for their packaging needs in economical and timely manner.

From MD’s Desk

Today’s industrial world is unpredictable, filled with ever changing needs and unyielding demands. In such times, we are well prepared to provide you with new and innovative solutions. We are accomplished to recommend the right product for your objective needs.